Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Development

Enterprise Resource Planning System or ERP in short, is a web service that is capable of simplifying your business process through the use of automated systems developed by Brandhex. The Enterprise Resource Planning System is a must to every growing business in the world. While traditional businesses rely heavily on man-power, the automation in the ERP is what makes your business scalable, while significantly reducing the cost incurred due to expansion, when compared to traditional businesses.

How is this so?

As mentioned above, the core of an Enterprise Resource Planning System is automation. The concept of automation is that the system needs to be developed once and is capable of running 24/7, no matter the scale of your business. While the expansion of traditional business requires additional man-power, which is a huge addition of cost to a business, an ERP system stays almost the same no matter how large your business grows, that incurs just a tiny fraction of cost compared to the labour charges such as salary.

Do I Need An ERP System?

If you notice that most of your time spent in your business are in the mundane tasks of filling up Excel sheets, writing down schedules, or doing calculations manually, and you wish to use the time to focus more of the growth of your business, that it is time for you to consider incorporating an ERP System into your business. We at Brandhex believe that every business has different needs and thus, we have developed a customized ERP System framework that will surely cater to your business needs. The ERP System that we develop is highly customized to your business, meaning that everything in that system is unique to your business.

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